Friday, November 7, 2008

Why they call it Fall

For those of you who do not live in a 4 season climate, let me tell you about fall in Mayberry and how fall got it's name.

It has been a beautiful Autumn in Mayberry, although unusually dry. For the past week its been near 80 every day, which is unheard of. I took the photo above Sunday afternoon. It took forever but the leaf color finally peaked. The view was positively glorious.

Several months ago,we scrapped the push mower,(yes a push mower for 4 acres) and replaced it with a rider. So every couple of days I mount the iron horse, and do battle with whatever leaves have fallen. I find it like painting or window washing. Instant gratification is my thing, and I kinda enjoy it.

I spent several hours Monday mulching and raking, and did a fine job if I do say so. Tuesday morning we couldn't see the ground. Fortunately, I was busy all day, and didn't let it bother me too much. Wednesday we couldn't open the front door for all the leaves.
Back on the IH, and a two tanks of gas later the yard was clear. As soon as I finished the wind began blowing. Hard. By dinner it occured to me that I shouldn't have bothered.

This photo was taken Thursday morning. Overnight it began to rain, and we awoke to a stiff breeze. I wanted to get back on the tractor, but there is no point.

Can't wait for tomorrow. One day you have leaves, the next day they fall down.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by.



Mom on the Run said...

Leaves in the swimming pool, DOTR's never ending task. I always tell him that he needs to do it so he can identify with my frustration in the futility of trying to keep up this house and clean clothes in the drawers.

Toad said...

For reasons I do not totally uynderstand, its local custom to cover your pool in the winter here.

On top of our pool cover we have a mesh pool cover, which is actually a leaf catcher. The trick is getting that off when the leaves are wet and the cover is full.