Saturday, November 22, 2008

Katy Day

My father died almost 25 years ago, and hardly a day goes by that I don't think of a question I'd like to ask him. With that in mind shortly before her death I asked my mother how my youngest brother got his name. Her reply stunned me.

"Your father was a Notre Dame football fan." I knew the man 30 something years and this was news to me. And, I asked? Your brother was named for ND's then football coach.

I chewed on that for a while, and imagined saying to my children's mother, "I want to name our first born Parseghian". I'll bite says she, Why? Because that is the name of ND's football coach.

To this day I'm unsure as to whether that would lead to a very short conversation, or a very long monologue. Either way it would undoubtedly be poor for my self esteem.

I wish I had known this some years before.

Once upon a time, Notre Dame had a very good football team. In fact they were undefeated going into a Thanksgiving Day game against the Air Force Academy. The game was to be nationally televised in the afternoon.

Around noon on Thanksgiving my wife said it was time to go to the hospital NOW! Our first born to be was well done and wanted to greet the world.

Naturally, the mom to be's OB was a ND grad. He had the day off, and a houseful of guests gathered to celebrate the holiday feast with a historic football party. His partner was on call.

By mid afternoon the backup had 4 moms waiting, and he needed help. Dr.ND was called and showed up just in time to deliver my darling daughter, Katy, and miss a historic game. He was pissed and let everyone know. We were ecstatic, and still are. That's why today and every year on this date we celebrate Katy day.

Happy Birthday Dahlink


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