Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote, please

Let's put the rhetoric aside for awhile. May we agree, that the vast majority of candidates for public office are people of good will? America has had lousy and exemplary politicians in the course of its history and has survived to tell the tale.

There is a great deal more at stake on each of our ballots than the top of the ticket. Important issues that locally mean a lot. A wide variety of choices await us regarding school funding, local bonds, tax rates, state constitutional issues, animal rights, judges, sheriffs and library board members.

Its tough to get rich as a politician anymore. Our choices may not win, but the winner deserves our respect and support. As Mark Twain wrote, "Americans get the politicians they deserve".

So I urge you to get dressed up tomorrow, appear at your local polling place as someone doing an important job. Vote early, (and often). And may America win.

I guarantee that nowhere in America tomorrow or Wednesday will tanks roll to keep an incumbent in place. That is not true everywhere.


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