Sunday, November 2, 2008

Garden and Gun

I've become a fan of Garden and Gun magazine this year, in spite of its growing pains. Unfortunately, I came to the party several issues too late. I'm trying to catch up, but they haven't made it easy on me.

I've called the back issue people to no avail, have EBAYed, but still no luck.

Should you come across any of the pre-holiday 2007 issues or March 2008, I would love to hear from you. If you find one laying around your barbers, or doctors office or... arrange to take it off their hands. I'll happily reimburse you.



The Duck said...


Contact the Charleston SC Library. They have a few of each

Toad said...

Shall do. Thank you

Emily - G and G Web Editor said...

You can purchase Garden & Gun back issues on this page:
Thanks for the kinds words. We're thrilled you enjoy the magazine!

Toad said...

Emily thank you. I picked up one I didn't have.