Monday, November 17, 2008

My dog is smarter than....

I am ashamed to admit this but Ted the Wonder Dog has a better memory than I.

Ted and I are creatures of routine. He's is pretty hard to rattle, but generally he likes and gets things his way.

Let me provide an example. I am an unapologetic cigar smoker. I only smoke outside, at home. Mrs. T says she likes the smell of cigars in the house, but I know that's a lie. I don't like the smell, so outside it is. So of an evening Ted and I take our cigars and a tipple, head to the rockers on the veranda and spend an hour or so swapping lies, and catching up on each other's day. We have been doing this rain or shine, hot or cold for years. We enjoy the time together.

Another part of our routine is thus. When it is cold out, I always wear an old Barbour Beaufort jacket, and in the handwarmer pocket I keep 2 dog bones. (After his smoke, Ted enjoys a bone). When I put the jacket on, Ted becomes a different dog. He's awake, his animated, he's helpful and will do whatever I tell him, at least until he gets the bones.

Saturday evening was cold, and for the first time this season I wore the old warhorse green jacket. Ted went nuts and I couldn't figure out why. Finally, I caught on. Apparently, I'm not well dressed until I put a couple of bones in my pocket.



Anonymous said...

Our 13 year old, yellow lab, Lena, prances (front 2 feet to back 2 feet, a rocking sort of motion) like a reindeer ready for takeoff when she suspects a biscuit in a pocket - an instant Fountain-O-Youth.
Our mail-lady leaves a biscuit, daily, in the mailbox and having a smart guy like Ted, you know the ruckus THAT induces on the daily trek to retrieve mail.
This story made me envision a Thurber dog cartoon - in the way Thurber's dogs know their humans better than their humans know themselves.
Your writing/musings are so well done - like a good conversation with someone one instantly likes.
Wisconsin Fan

Capegirl said...

Love your banner-do you hunt?

My two mutts are the smartest members of my family, sad to say. They have mastered the fine art of relaxation and me time. Best of all they recognize all that annoying junk mail that arrives daily and destroy it before I have to waste time reading it.

The Duck said...

Great post. To echo your words, I wish we were neighbors.

Take Care

Toad said...

Ah Capegirl: Alas I do not hunt. I am a live and let live kind of guy. You will notice that the banners do change regularly.

Giuseppe said...

Being the father of a small boy, I find the bellows pockets often contain a package of raisins and a juice box.

News Readin' Wife said...

Our yellow lab, Putter, pays us very little mind until a leash, tennis ball or treat is in hand.

Oh, to be a much-loved four legged best friend! It's the life.

Teacats said...

My DH inherited my late father's Barbour jacket -- very similar to yours! Love the story -- but I'm sure Ted appreciates you for more than a mere bone or two!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage