Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome to all our new friends

A most generous thank you to Mrs. Blandings for sharing her audience with me. I hope you enjoy your visits, and I look forward to your comments. It has taken a bit to find my voice so trample through the archives, some of our current stories begin in the past.

I've a pretty good chin so feel free to put me in my place as needed.

Also please feel free to share our humble blog with your friends as well. I hope to earn your trust.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Found your voice, indeed....Like you, Toad, I find myself wasting far too many hours online everyday following favorite blogs devoted to my various interests and, inevitably, following various links.

Perhaps, because I find myself nodding in agreement with you about so many things (or perhaps just to reward your daily devotion to posting, To the Manor Born has become one of the few blogs I make a point of visiting every day.

Keep up the good work -- and hope you enjoy the Astaire book!

Anonymous in NY