Saturday, November 8, 2008

Moms do play favorites

Everyone in Mrs. T's sphere of influence pretty well knows how they stack up. Her middle kid (youngest son) is #1 and can do no wrong. Any attempt to oust him would result in humiliation. Since she lost her dog over the summer I have been elevated to #3. That's just how things work.

Mrs. T is also a gambler. She is a pretty good poker player and a very skilled video poker aficionado. Her level and frequency of play means she rarely has to reach for her purse inside a casino property, except perhaps to feed the kitty.

So several weeks ago, #1 called and asked mom if she could get him a free room in Las Vegas for this weekend. She called made reservations and off he went. Check in went well, he got a lovely suite, the fruit basket, complementary meal vouchers, show tickets the whole nine yards.
On his second morning he noticed the room wasn't being comped and the bill was huge. Mid day 2 he gets a call asking Mrs. T to make her presence known, as they had a $300 gift card for her.

So that is why as I write this Mrs. T is cooling her heels in the Atlanta airport. If anyone else tried this stunt they would be creamed, but not #1.

If you care to meet her, she will be making a return engagement Tuesday afternoon. Look her up and say hi.
Part 2

Mrs. T flies cheap not conveniently. Last night booking her trip from Mayberry to LV she had the option of changing planes in ATL or Phoenix. Why not go east to go west I always say. I love her madly, but she can be exasperating at times. Anyway, I'm batching it.


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