Sunday, November 23, 2008

Book Report Day

With little to do and much time to do it this past week, I spent many a pre and post nap hour with a book in my hand. In an effort to provide timely advice I offer my picks and pans.

CALL ME TED, an autobiography of Ted Turner

I have mixed emotions about Ted. I've had the honor of meeting him twice in circumstances that were very enjoyable. He is larger than life, and one of the world's great salesmen. My twin cousin was a lobbyist for Turner Broadcasting in the early days and has very little good to say about him. Let's say the jury is out.

Call me Ted is a hymn to the converted. Ted sees himself as a hard working guy who has done his best for his company and country. This is undeniable. That he is an honest, straight shooter in business I cannot say. His friends like him, his children have come to like him and all his many wives and girlfriends are still in touch. Self praise at the highest level.


For the life of me I cannot understand why I spend the time I do reading autobiographies and biographies of recently dead celebrities. I have yet to read an autobiography that proclaims the subject to be a sniveling ass who hates children and should be arrested and locked away for his crimes against humanity. (Hope springs eternal since I will read W's book in hope of the truth).

Mr Plimpton's life is told in fragments by his many friends and enemies. If the subject interests you at all, you may know many of the more famous stories, his interests in sports and fireworks, his wide interests and many friends among the beau monde of the literary universe. If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Plimpton you could give this pass and live to tell the tale.

I though he came off an insufferable ass.


News Readin' Wife said...

Having had the opportunity to be in Mr. Plimpton's company on a few occasions, I found him to be mildly amusing - in an insufferable ass sort of way. (That gave me a chuckle.) But, the book should make for an interesting read considering his circles traveled.
Thank you for the suggestion.

tintin said...

Ted was a client of mine back in the early to mid 90s. An arrogant wind bag who couldn't keep his mouth shut and consequently the world has no idea what was settled outta court. A Gucci loving, demanding, big picture, spare me the details, tell Jane to quit buying me Ferragam's prick. Who I adored. And still do.