Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Obviously, I am making too much out of nothing, but here goes.

Have you ever heard of Stamps.com? Its a postage service which allows you to upload an image which they will then turn into US legal stamps, with your pictures for a nominal fee. It's a pretty cool idea for a wedding invite, or perhaps something special.

So what you say.

Several days ago I ordered a catalog. The fulfillment house which mailed the catalog, obviously has a deal with the stamp.com people and put these stamps on the envelope enclosing the catalog. The photos have nothing directly related to the products offered, which leave me to wonder why bother? And if you're going to bother why do it so sloppily? My suspicion is that the sloppiness makes you notice the stamps more, but I leave that to you marketeers.

Please vote, there is a lot riding on your contribution to democracy.

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Katy McIntyre said...

Congrats to the American people for making the right decision tonight! Whoo Hoo