Saturday, November 8, 2008

I hate our coffee pot!!!

Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement? We've tried the Gevalia, Braun, Black and Decker and a host of others. It can't be that hard to make a great coffee pot,but it must be.

I'm looking for something that works fairly quickly, keeps a pot warm, and doesn't spill half the contents down the side of the pot when I pour.

Wish list includes:
Stainless steel
auto-shut off
10-12 cup capacity
under $150

I am jealous because each of you has a better pot than I. What do you recommend, what to avoid??




Anonymous said...

I cannot live with coffee and over the years have owned many of the same coffee makers as you. Have been using a Cuisinart brand for the past two years -- I don't think the specific model is very important -- I do not have the stainless steel model but know it's available. The machine is relatively fast and easy to use (filling it with water requires a steady hand & eye but that's been the only drawback).

Check it out, Toad -- think it might resolve your problem...

Anonymous in NY

Anonymous said...

Of course, I meant to write I cannot live WITHOUT coffee -- promise to be more careful in any future comments....Perhaps I should have another cup of coffee right now...

Anonymous in NY

Toad said...

Do you have the kind with a pot, or the model that is self contained?

Mom on the Run said...

I have the cuisinart automatic brew and grind. It has the stainless thermal carafe. When I got it, it cost around $150, but I believe I've seen it for $99 in ads now and again.

Paul Pincus said...

the breville single-serve coffeemaker is AMAZING.

great-looking too.

Giuseppe said...

Unlearn your habits thus far. The only suitable coffee at home is Lavazza 'Crema e Gusto' brewed on the stovetop in an Italian 4 cup Moka pot. Then, place a small spoonful of sugar in the bottom of a small mug with 1/2 inch of milk and stir, fill the cup with coffee. It may be strong, but it only takes two little cups to get going. When you leave coffee on a burner, it gets burnt.

But hell, I'm an Italian, so what do I know about coffee anyway, right?

Toad said...

I was stuck with one of those in Barcelona for a week, and hoped to die.

I semi stole it and tried to get something resembling coffee with it in the comfort of my own home. Day two I tossed it.

Treacy said...

Please try the Keurig! I have owned almost every brand and style of brewer, including two automatic brew and grinds....nothing, and I mean nothing- compares to the flavor this gem delivers.