Saturday, November 15, 2008

Deer Season

Deer season for firearms opens in Missouri today. In Mayberry, you could tell it was coming all week. Increased booze and outdoor related advertising are the early harbingers of sporting season.

Unexpectedly, Mayberry homeowners and their representatives who pass a number of if/then tests may bow hunt deer in their own backyard. I don't hunt and while I may like to crab about the giants rats, they do add a certain something to the area, so we do not allow hunting at The Park. The giant rats have found out and have been congregating at our house for the past week
All in all I have nothing against deer or deer hunters, but it does lead to an annual hassle. The fight to find a contractor.
We have been trying to have our driveway repaired for the past month. In desperation I'd posted a please help me to Craigslist. Within hours 4 different companies called to say how happy they would be solve my problem. Each made appointments. None showed.

Mark my words, sometime Wednesday or Thursday the phone will ring. Each conversation will begin, "Remember me?" My heart says no I don't, my head says hell yes, where have you been, but I know.
The sad part of hunting season comes at the end of duck season, which is just before Christmas. That's when you can find a great deal on a well loved hunting dog.
Keep the dogs inside, wear bright colors.


Mom on the Run said...

Yesterday morning, there was one right by my mailbox with huge antlers, just looking at me. Didn't even run. Some mornings in winter, it looks like feeding time at the farm.

We live on the battlefield national park, so they come down from the mountain, run through the neighborhood and take the creek bed to somewhere. Probably Home Depot, they're heading that direction anyway.

Mrs. Blandings said...

We adopted one of the best dogs in the universe after she was beaten and abandoned on a hunting trip. That being said, Mr. B is a hunter and I've known quite a few that treat their hounds like royalty. Our shorthair slept in bed with us her whole life.