Friday, November 14, 2008

The Sportcoats are here!!!!!

Today is the day my two sportcoats are ready to be picked up. I'll post photos later this afternoon.

Until then, have a great weekend, come back next week as we consider the upcoming holidays.



pve design said...

tally ho, do don the new duds with your readers, old and new, like me.
sent by way of Mrs.Blandings.
Jolly good blog you keep.

Capegirl said...

Thank you Mrs. Blandings for steering readers to your blog!

Regarding the Uncle Remus stories of your earlier post, I don't feel that any of them should be thought of as racist. Brer Rabbit, plays the role of trickster, a character found in Native American folklore and in African folklore.

Kudos on your willingness to fess up to perhaps being to blame for the vacuum malfunction. My hubby always blames me (I "allow" him to vacuum-so how can it be me?) and makes me pay for the repairs.

katiedid said...

Oh so very glad to meet you! And thank you to Mrs. Blanding for the introduction. If you do not have any objection, I will add your link to my blog so that I remember to visit regularly! You have a wonderful blog and style!

Mimi's Poor Blog said...

I live in Santa Barbara and love your blog! We were evacuated last night at 11 pm pst. Our dear friends were waiting for us and had their guest room ready. So many beautiful, unique and well loved homes went up in flames last night, we are blessed as we were spared and are back home. As much as we love our "things" the only thing that mattered last night was our dogs and our friends.

Toad said...

Mimi we ae all glad that you are safe. Friends of our live near you and our hearts have been out to them as well.