Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shopping tips for Gentlemen

Casual readers to our daily musings may not be aware that on two prior occasions (Sept 24, Oct 4) I have had the temerity to offer dating tips for gentlemen. My candid observations were met with public silence, but the private responses were in full vigor against. While deterred, I was not silenced as I offer my gentlemen readers these holiday tips.


Some of our single friends labor under the misconception that the back of church at the Christmas Eve midnight service is an appropriate venue for inviting the woman of your dreams to marry them. Nothing is farther from the truth.

If you have been fortunate enough to find and deserve the love of a good woman, and wish to marry her, any day is a suitable day to ask for her hand. However, bear this in mind.

While generally welcome, Engagement rings are not suitable Christmas presents. Nor birthday gifts for that matter.

It's lazy, its cliched, it's unbecoming. At the same time, if popping the question is on your mind, asking between Christmas and New Years is also unseemly. It appears an afterthought at best, or capitulation to palpable disappointment at worst.

If you want to ask, do it today. Christmas prizes are still required.



~Tessa~Scoffs said...

If she is deserving, she will be happy to accept -- any day, any time. I spent nine years' worth of holidays "hoping" and when it came the proposal was on ordinary ole February 9.

Anonymous said...

I say just get out the dart board, 'cause no time is THE perfect time - so don't try to create the proverbial PerfectTime, (same for having a baby!)

And a big "aye-aye" to your shopping tip, Toad!
Who would want TheRing in the middle of other festivities?!?!?!
And besides, think of the competition with the other holiday sparkles.......!

WI fan

Renovation Therapy said...

I received my proposal in the ICU of a hospital. Hmmm. LOL

prashant said...

think of the competition with the other holiday

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kanishk said...

I was not silenced as I offer my gentlemen readers these holiday tips.

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