Sunday, November 16, 2008

A follow up

A funny follow up to yesterdays post.

Saturday morning Ted the Wonder Dog was awake far earlier than usual and in full watch dog mode. Over the years we have come to respect that side of him, and take it seriously. I got up, looked out the window and saw a police car stopped in the drive.

Since the kids have left home we have studiously avoided waking to cops in the drive.

After the usual courtesies, he asked if we had heard gunshots. NO!

Well, they had reports of hunters in the area and he was on the lookout. We made certain Ted was in the house, and went back to bed.

As soon as I was under the covers I heard BANG, BANG.

Five minutes later Ted was up with a vengeance. Looked out again and three trucks from the local electric company were heading down the service drive. The gunfire must have been a transformer coming undone.


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