Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bow Ties

Photo courtesy of Ben Silver, Charleston

I love bow ties so much that I have not worn a long tie in 8 years. It's Mrs. T's fault.
In fall Y2K her brother's wedding was on the horizon, and in anticipation of the blessed nuptials I refreshed my wardrobe. When time came to pick up the altered goods I make the worst mistake a man can make, as concerns his appearance. I brought the wife.

Adults should dress themselves. Every lazy man deserves every fate which befalls him who takes his wife shopping.

While in the shop she asks what are you wearing to the wedding? I replied and then she handed me this tie. It would look lovely said she.

I protested, I wept, I cried, I wore it. After the wedding I tried to take it back, but the merchant had had a party when they finally got rid of that tie, and wouldn't hear of it.

Slowly at first , then quickly, I rid myself of all my long ties, save 3, which I keep around as an aide memoir, and went the bow route, never once asking my brides opinion.

Bow ties are somewhat subversive. So few men wear them that its rare not to get a reaction when wearing one. Stereotypes run wild. I love it, much the way Tom Wolfe loves his white suits. Its a stick in the eye to portentousness.

Bows are found in the dusty bins in back of most haberdasheries. Ben Silver in Charleston, and Southern Proper make my favorites. Now if only I could arrange a trip to Bristol Tennesse, Wm King has my next favorite of tie.

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ms. mindless said...

that tie is pretty ugly! i love bow ties.

Anonymous said...

I am also a fan of the bowtie, I order most of mine online since they are so hard to find elsewhere. If you can believe it I have not once in my life ever worn a long tie nor have I ever owned one, I actually pride myself in that. It is true that we are few and far between, but the looks and comments I recieve is half the fun of wearing them.

Toad said...

Forgive my asking, but how old are you, not to ever have had a long tie?

News Readin' Wife said...

We are big fans of Wm. King. He is the only person that "suits" my persnickety husband. His shoppe is a haven for the men in town, as he is always at the ready with scotch, beer or a Big Tom's bloody.

What a fun surprise to read your mention...Glad his fine reputation reaches across state lines.

The Belles of Southern Proper are good friends of my sister-in-law and have bestowed said husband with an abundance of fabulous neckwear. Too fun!

I am enjoying getting to know you, Toad! What a delightful blog.