Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am drop dead gobsmacked

I was taking my morning walk around blog world this morning, spending longer than usual at Bunny's blog. The pictures of the Mary Jane candies took me back to my mother. They were her favorite treats.
Otherwise, Ms. Tomerlin's eye this morning was dead on as usual.
Ever click on the pictures in the left margin? They are "cool links to click on". Randomly, since I am wearing my cartridge belt, I clicked the photo above, and ended up back here. Go figure.
Thank you for the unexpected surprise, it made my day.


ms. mindless said...

that is how i found your blog!

Mom on the Run said...

I can't remember what picture I am--she changed it recently. I think some red shoes.

Now I have to go look!

Toad said...

That's how I found MOTR

Renovation Therapy said...

Bunny's blog is one of my most favorites. She's concise and direct with a great eye. I squeal when she says "shug".