Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wanna Bear?

Up for auction today mon amis is this 9 foot grizzly bear ( the one in back please). Currently living in Arizona, he is looking for a good home. I don't have ceilings to accommodate, and do have misgivings about taxidermy which was not dispatched by the family displaying it. Call me old fashioned.

Both my objections are easily surmounted, and if you are interested check it out. Openers are modest. Perhaps you are wont to surprise Hollister with a gift. Natch, the usual disclaimers apply.



Gladys said...

When I was growing up the local diner we frequented had an 8ft Polar bear. It smelt musty and moldy but I always wanted one in my living room. Now that I'm older I just couldn't stand to look at one all day everyday and think that it once was living and breathing and roaming around in nature where it belongs.

Toad said...

I'm pretty much with you here Gladys. I've long wanted an old, moth eaten moose head, but I'm afraid it would keep me up nights,and scare the dogs.

Anonymous said...

That would be mes amis.