Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I liberated this photo from Selectism's great web site, and in fact stole most of the idea for this post from them too.

Look at the two photos. They are Patek Phillipe ads, espousing their tag line, You never really own a PP. You merely look after it for the next generation. Invariably the ads show a father son team of do gooders.

Look closely at the lad on the right. Undoubtedly you've seen that look before. If you're lucky, it's the look you get on the way into the principals office as your son is about to be suspended. "The look is generally followed by "I didn't do nuthin' wrong".

Or, for the not so fortunate, it's the one you get when you pick him up Sunday morning from the local constable's store. "Duh, I didn't know I couldn't do that".

Now look at he kid on the left. He is dating his new step father's daughter. She lives with her mother, so is fair game. His swarmy Dad's dating his son's new step fathers sister, and its eating his ex's heart out. Thanksgiving will never be normal again.



Turling said...

HA! Even before reading your post, I was trying to figure out what problem the lad on the far right was having. I think you described it quite well.

Sartre said...

Funny you make this post because if I could have any watch in the world, it would be the one on the right. Unfortunately, PP makes Cartier's prices look like bargain basement.

ADG said...

I laughed out loud at this one Toad.

Giuseppe said...

Ain't nothing like inventing a detailed pair of life stories based on a couple of photos. The bit about the smarmy dad is especially priceless.

Thanks for the laugh.

Rechelle said...

ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

the guy in the right is hot do you know his name the young one not the old one

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