Friday, March 13, 2009

Marco Pierre White - Cool Guy

Cool Guy. Marco Pierre White

Admit it. Until Wednesday night's television show you have never heard of Marco Pierre White. Tony Bourdain fans have known him a long time. Its OK. He's English. You don't have to know every cool guy in the world. That's why I'm here. MPW is one of the cool ones.

First the photo above. Anthony Bourdain says its the photo that made him want to be a chef. Young, brooding, determined. Have you ever seen a better looking guy? A guy girls mothers warned them about. A young Keith Richards perhaps.

MPW evolved from this to be a food star, and one of the world's great restaurateurs. For sport check out his inn and restaurant The Yew Tree.

So now he's a little older. Got a bit more cash in the pockets. Still driven, still brooding, more of a perfectionist than ever. Better looking too. It's claimed he made Gordon Ramsey cry when Gordon apprenticed with him.

It's tough to find a photo of him that doesn't look like every other. In a suit he's Saville Row, Shirts are pretty conservative in a non-British sort of way, no checks, or loud stripes. When you do catch him in a tie it looks like a very Italian get up. I'd sell your soul for his hair.

Obligatory Cigar shot.

Like most cool guys he has his share of styling tics. Often in a suit, you'll see him with no tie, shirt sleeves unfastened, no socks, wearing tennis shoes, especially those stupid vintage Vans. Not everyone can pull that off without looking like an idiot. It takes elan, which he has in spades.

Looks happy with the wife doesn't he?



Martha said...

I've never heard of him! Made Gordon cry -- wow!

Kathy said...

Cool guy, maybe, but he hasn't aged well. imho.

Gladys said...

Yeah, I'm not a fan. Seems like a tyrant to me. Oh and now he looks like he escaped from a facility for the criminally insane. But he can cook!

ADG said... have to read....T

he Perfectionist: Life and Death in Haute's the story of Chef Bernard Loiseau. Given your level of focus on this particular post, I demand that this book be on your reading list within the next week. You'll thank me.

You're advance.


Toad said...

Thank you mon ami, it has been ordered.

Rebecca Woodhead said...

English people aren't all angry - honest - he's half-Italian anyway so we're only half-responsible for his behaviour. Gordon had a tough childhood. They're both perfectionists. It's bound to kick off.


Cheeky Spouse said...

I think a lot of people have got him quite wrong.
To me, he seems to have a wonderful personality and I wouldn't mind meeting him one day.
I just love men who have a deep passion for something, just like Marco.
He definitely has a playful side too.
For those who say that he hasn't aged very well.... it's not all about looks. Marco has tons of charisma and is totally charming.

StoopidHousewives said...

Anyone who knows who MP White is... AND Burt Bachrach is fabulous in my book!!!