Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Channeling Bunny

There is a blog I'd love to read.

The creators would be the cool kids. You for instance. As the mood strikes you would post your best finds, wish list, party pictures, public service announcements, invitations, fashion and style tips. Everything you ever wanted to post, but didn't fit your regular blog.

It's also an outlet for those who didn't want the everyday pressure of their own blogs. Everyone could post.

I haven't yet figured the logistics, but I have created a blog Channeling Bunny

Now, much like a Face Book friend I invite you to join. Let me know if you'll play, invite your friends and I'll add your (their) name to the list of contributors. I figure a couple of hundred would do.

If its a really dumb idea let me know, and in a heart beat I'll cancel it. Sounds like a good idea though. Perhaps someone is already doing it. What do I know?


PS I am in full time grandpa mode for the next couple of days, so things may be spotty. I don't think so though. I hope not.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you made this for me!
I will post as soom as I figure out how!!!!

Toad said...

I need to know who you are so I can list you as a contributor

Giuseppe said...

Sounds like fun. I'm game.