Thursday, March 19, 2009

A German Lemon

I was minding my own business this afternoon, surfing through the local Craigslist and came across one of these treasures for $2100. I hadn't seen or thought of one in years. One of the world's best worst cars.

For you youngsters its a mid 70's Porsche 914, 2 litre in this case.

The car is a hybrid VW /Porsche bastard. At the time this was built, VW was attempting to buy Porsche, and thought they could build a car together to see how things would work out.

The two companies took the worst of their parts bins and built a car. It was slow, the engine was post bug VW. Mostly ugly, until you removed the leaking lift off roof, and sounded horrible. Porsche's contribution came later with the 6 cylinder models. For Porsche's they were cheap, for VW expensive.

Should you find one now, be very careful getting in and out of it. The leaking roof eventually caused the floors to rot. Other than that they are just rubbish, like much of the 70's automobile industry. For those not keeping track, VW never did buy Porsche. Porsche is now VW's largest shareholder.



Martha said...

I never knew that -- I must have been under some rock in the 70's --

ADG said...

My best chilhood buddy's dad bought one of the midst of a mid-life crisis. This car indeed, is the Europersonification of just how "bad" the '70's were.

Makes the Pinto, Duster, Vega, Maverick etc. seem less repulsive.

Gladys said...

Hey I represent that remark! I didn't own one of these but I did own a Fiat X19 which was well a step up? down? from this.

Mine never leaked, ran like a top but I went through a clutch a week.

ADG said...

Damn Gladys...The X-19 made me laugh out loud. That one was buried so far back in my noggin that I forgot it existed.

X-19...could be insecticide,a top secret rocket,lice remover.....

You must be proud.

Toad said...

Wasn't it the X19 that was guaranteed to catch fire?

Kathy said...

You guys are causing memories to surface of my 1975 TR6. Apple green. Lucas was the name of the electronics manufacturer. There's a reason the English serve warm beer: Lucas refrigerators. Old joke.

Gladys said...

I don't know about the X-19 catching fire but it floated. It sat so low to the ground anytime we had rain in West Texas I floated through the intersections. Maybe that's how I kept it flame retardenat. :)

Mom on the Run said...

We own that car's granddaughter in the form of a Jetta.

Piece of crap. DOTR now detests all German cars thanks to that thing.