Sunday, March 15, 2009

Out of Touch

May I tell a story on myself?

For a very long time, I believed that "the day the music died" referred to the day the Beatles broke up. Singularly and collectively, with the exception of the Plastic Ono Band, the band members constitute most of what I know about music. Admittedly, not much eh?

So Jim Bob asked the wife and I to join he and his bride for dinner recently. I let him pick where. He said how 'bout Sammy's Beach Bar? Since we are only 1000 miles from the nearest beach it sounded like a good idea.

We get there, sat down and I asked the waitress, why it was so damn loud. She said it was because we were at Sammy's. I must of looked like the dufus kid on the right, because Jim Bob, told her not to worry, he'd take care of it. Quickly, she ran off.

Jimmy begins with how Sam is a singer. What he sing I inquired. "I can't drive 55."

What else? I don't know, says he, but probably a lot of stuff.

Ladies and Gentlemen. until that time I had never, ever heard of Sammy Haggar. Still don't know much, but he makes a pretty good chicken wing.

Beware the ides of March


Gladys said...

Toad you sound lik Kahuna. I am forever having to explain to him who someone is. I went to see Leno last year. The band that played had the bass player Flea in it. I was telling him about it and he looked at me and said "A flea was playing the bass?"

Toad said...

Wait, I think I know this one. Isn't Flea, Heidi Klum's husband?

Katy McIntyre said...

Close. Heidi is married to Seal. :)

Giuseppe said...

If you don't know who Sammy Haggar is, don't worry, you didn't mss much.

These days, I have no time for famous people and the things they do. Maybe it's becasue they don't really do much worth remembering anymore.