Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm thinking about...

I'm thinking about winning the lottery this year.

Not the measly weekly $10-$20 million, but the ruin your great-grand kids lives $300-$400 million type.

Sadly, or fortunately, I am too old, and too set in my ways to have it change my life. I am not moving, don't want a jet, not buying a second or third home. Don't want servants. Have no latent hobbies.

After re-jigging the family trust so everyone gets a relatively small distribution and a monthly allowance, setting up a family philanthropic foundation, and getting citizenship in ADG's new kingdom (if taxes are low), all that is left to do is to buy a few toys.

Seems kinda wasted on me, but its a burden I'd gladly accept. Pleasecontinue to buy your weekly chances. My tailors need the money.



ADG said...

Toad....there will be no taxes in the Kingdom and sloth will be a virtue.

I'll continue to play the lottery but I ain't countin' on my luck prevailing. Seriously, the last thing I won was a gallon jug of screw-off cap white (or was it blush) wine at Reflections Lounge in 1981. Girl numer eight and I won a dance contest...shag...not disco.

Shagging is a regional dance that's quite cool. Check out some You Tube clips (none of me) of people shagging...not the British context for shagging...if that had been the case, I'da had to give the jug wine back and pay them fifty bucks to boot.

Gladys said...

Oh! ADG I lived in Nawth Caroliner and learned to shag when I lived there. (the dance not the snogging kind)

Toad I haven't bought a lottery ticket in years. I haven't even thought about it. Not since I heard there is a curse on lottery winners