Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Opening Day

March 1st is the traditional opening day of trout season in Missouri. Scenes like the one above are plentiful in the area papers. Looks like fun doesn't it?

There are several things you can count on if you head to one of the states bountiful, well stocked trout streams. It will be cold. It will be crowded. Many of the "anglers" around you will be terribly drunk, and mostly pretty angry. The drunkest are sure to tangle your line at every opportunity. That way when you, using your politest voice, ask them to take a nap, you will be confronted by a cold, angry, abusive drunk. You got an even chance he's armed too. Do not take the kids.

Tight lines.



Martha said...

Ah, opening day in Missouri -- thanks for the memories.

Gladys said...

I just talked to Snake Boy and he said they are all trouted out in Southern California. Time for Bass wanna go fishin?