Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Create your own Tartan

I received an email from Scot web this afternoon announcing their new product. A create your own tartan service. I have no connection with them except as a happy customer. The pound is cheap. This might be fun.

I quote from their email:

"Our Biggest News for Years

Today we're taking the wraps off our latest, and maybe greatest, feature. And you, our valued members, are invited to be the very first to use this free facility. We think it may change the world of tartan forever. Read on...

And to celebrate, we're giving our best-ever member offers on tartan! For a short time only you'll get deep deep discounts on tartan fabrics, swatches, oddment bags, and superb tartan products. These deals will never be repeated.

Design your own kilts, skirts, fabrics...

Now you can now design your own tartan kilts, skirts, fabrics, or any other tartan product - exactly as you like. It's easy, fun, affordable, and infinitely creative. Design your own family, business, or club plaid, without the traditional costs of expert services.

Read all about this exciting new development below. Then try it for yourself. And do please take a moment to tell us what you think...

A tiny catch - it's Invitation Only...

But don't worry, you're invited! Just ask for a personal invitation...

Because this is so ground-breaking, we want to restrict access for the initial launch. We'd prefer our existing customers and friends to road-test the facility before we admit the public at large. So we have an initial batch of 500 invitations available, on a first-come-first-served basis. (Others will be added to a Waiting List.)

And once you're in, you can invite a few of your own friends in turn. Five, in fact. This way we know it's going to be mostly tartan lovers who use the service in its early stages.

Load any existing Tartan

If you've never designed a tartan before (and let's face it, this probably describes most of us!) the easiest way to start is by playing around with ones you already know. We make this easy.

You can search our Gallery for any tartan already recorded with the Scottish Tartans Authority. Or you can load designs other users have created and chosen to share (optional).

Edit or design from scratch

The heart of our new facility is a superbly easy-to-use interface to let you design your own tartan patterns. If you've seen any other system like this before, think again! No technical knowledge is required. It's easy-peasy, but still a very powerful, tool.

Click on colours, choosing from several different palettes. These include a Simple set, a Pro set, and another set based on our own weaver's threads, with photographs of actual cones of yarn!

Once you've picked your colours, just drag the sliders that have appeared. It's that easy. And as you do so, your plaid will appear magically before your eyes. It all happens instantly on screen (through technical wizardry that's so clever we've patented it!).

Save and share your creations

You can save your tartan designs to come back t o whenever you're logged into our site. Not only that, but if they are 'Finalised' (which means no more editing!) you'll also find them appearing as an additional purchasing option for relevant products, such as kilts or skirts, in our main web site.

You can also opt to share your designs in the online Gallery, just by ticking a box. This means other users can also comment on them, design variations of them (which are fully tracked), and even buy fabrics in your designs. And if anyone does so, you'll earn a 10% Royalty in Scotweb Points!

And, of course, the best bit is...

You can buy fabrics, and order custom-made kilts, skirts, household goods, ties, scarves, tartan accessories, cuddly toys, and dozen of other products in any tartan you design!

We can weave your fabric in a short length (only a little longer than a single traditional kilt) in a medium or heavy weight wool, with a proper kilting selvedge. And we can also produce light weight wool, polyviscose, polycottons, and various other fabrics at incredibly affordable prices.

We also offer massive discounts for bulk orders. And for professional or corporate designs, we can also provide a fully tailored design, review, and liaison service including special dying of yarns in your precise colour specifications, and expert help from a world-leading authority"



Martha said...

Interesting, Toad. Would this be a Tartan for the "non Scot"?

Toad said...

Or even the un- or dis-clanned

Rebecca Woodhead said...

Ooh! Like the idea of innovation but think I'd be kicked out of Clan Douglas if I did this. Best not. Family members would shake fists. Thanks for putting it up though.

p said...

interesting idea

make your own invitations