Monday, March 16, 2009

How many electricians....

What do you call the bilingual on a work crew? Boss!

The local electric company tends to over react to customer service complaints when power outages are caused by tree limbs falling on their lines. To minimize the complaints they have taken on a slash and burn policy,

So, much like mid Georgia, at the approach of General Sherman's army, for the past several days you could hear the chain saws coming. Closer and closer.

Thursday, a flak catcher from the electric company stopped by, and casually mentioned that his gang would be moving through the area. Did we mind if they brought their trucks up our drive? Then he proceeded to tell me about their plans to top the trees that may have limbs growing over the lines in the next few years, until they could bury them.

Casually, I asked why they just didn't remove the trees, instead of killing them.

That sounded like a splendid idea to him, and he would have the boys do just that.

Friday morning the gang showed up. How many electricians does it take to to cut down a tree, I ask you?

Either way I have a lot of firewood I wasn't counting on. If only Mrs. T would be willing to split it.



Martha said...

Toad -- on an icy morn, you'll be glad that they did what they did! Prevention is a lot easier than fixing outages!

And firewood is a GOOD thing!

Gladys said...

All those beautiful trees. All that warm firewood. I feel so conflicted.

Kathleen said...

Oh, that's a deal. Much better than topping the trees.

Toad said...

I'mglad they did it actually. Every year we lose power sometime, and if this prevents that I'm all for it. Also, I might get some more sun around the pool which I'd be in favor of.

The firewood is a lagnaipe.