Saturday, March 7, 2009


You've read the news. "He was such a nice, quiet man" "Such a good neighbor, never had any trouble with him". Then he finally snaps and takes out half the zip code. You want to envy the guy, but then the Kool Aid kicks in, and you say bad man, very bad.

Well friends, should/if/when I finally snap, (no this is NOT an attempt to be saved, thank you very much) please tell anyone who will listen what an awful malcontented jerk I was. I've yelled at my dog, was an anti-social and unchurched orphan, didn't shave every day. Smoked cigars, and didn't always cut the grass on time. A blind man could have foretold my undoing.

Please spread the news, if for no other reason, than to screw up the profiling. Might benefit the next guy.

Why should the quiet guys have all the fun and attention?



Jeffrey said...

Me too!

ADG said...

"He was a nice guy...kinda kept to himself...never caused any trouble"...yep, those are the precursor behaviors of the Ted Bundy's and the Jeffrey Dahmers.

So, I try to be a general pain in the butt to all in my orbit. One more thing Toad, if you are going to snap and pull a Dahmer/Bundy anytime within the next 15 years, we can't offer you citizenship in our country. Sad because we were considering you for a Cabinet level position.

Turling said...

I've made a note of it.