Friday, March 27, 2009


About this time last month I mentioned Mrs. T and I were off to New Orleans for several days. We leave Monday. Darling daughter Katy will be in full charge around here in my absence. We'll return late Thursday.

Judging by our itinerary we are going to eat ourselves into culinary comas. Breakfast at French Market or Court of Two Sisters.

Luncheon at Commanders Palace. Dinners at Brennans, K Paul and Brousards.

Should you have any great shopping or sight seeing suggestions pass them on. My only plan thus far is to stop by Perlis to try on the GTH White Linen Suit I ordered last spring. It finally came in. Hopefully, I''ll get to visit Julia Reed's House on First Street as well.



Anonymous said...

Don't miss Faulkner House on Pirate's Alley, a wonderful and unique bookstore.

Free Kansas said...

Send along pictures of Anne Rice's House. The wife would very much appreciate it.

Toad said...

The Rice House and the Reed home are across the street from each other. Sounds like a can do.

David said...

Perfect weekend to get out of here, you and Mrs. T Enjoy!

laurelstreet said...

T, You might also appreciate M. Goldberg, around the cormer from Perlis... great men's shop.

Also, if you can, squeeze in a shave or some shopping at Aidan Gill on Magazine Street.

Cheers and enjoy our NOLA!

zignatius said...

i've never been to new orleans (i know, i know), but i was a huge maravich fan back in the day (if that counts for anything). say ... isn't that bronze sculpture of Ignatius Reilly, the city's great curmudgeon from "Conferacy of Dunces"? or did i just ask the most obvious question possible? probably the latter. have mercy; i live in portland, ore., after all.

Toad said...

Zignatious you are spot on. Mr. Reilly it is. Additionally, my youngest son lives in Portland, Or, so you are most welcome here.

lastly, Pistol Pete was the greatest bb player of his age.

Anonymous said...