Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ted's Haircut

The weeds are turning green, Ted the Wonder Dog is beginning to shed, it's time for his haircut. But first this story.

Ever make one of the phone calls that 10 seconds into it, you know you have made a horrid mistake and all you can do is hang on for the ride. I had one Sunday.

Sunday afternoon, I called to make an appointment for Ted at his favorite spa. Conversation goes like this

I may want to make a haircut appointment for Ted.

Let me check your records. OK I've got it.

What is going tariff?

Bath is $34, papaya facial scrub is $16.. (I reminded him this was for a dog)

My wife got a free facial at the mall Friday. How much is the water? Can you use something else, Ted doesn't care for papaya? For $50 bucks you throw in the haircut, don't you?

Haircut is $48, nail trim is......

What time Monday can I bring him?

No, can't see him before Wednesday. We'd like him here by 8:30.

Ted, doesn't get up before 10.


Are you likely to start before he gets there? $200 for a dog's haircut? Sounds steep to me.

Ted does like his trips to the barber though. Comes home smelling of cigarettes and cheap perfume. It take days to get that smile off his face, and he really gets angry if you try to pry off the cheap (at $200) bandanna.

Number one son and his family along with their dog Roscoe the Flying Squirrel, are coming to visit this week. Ted's gotta look nice.

Down the street from Ted's local is Dogs R Us. $48 nose to tail. 6pm Monday.

So what have I learned from this. First I love Dogs R US. More importantly I owe regular reader Kathleen an apology. Last week she wrote about building a dog bath, which caused much silent mirth. Today I'm looking at the pool house where I have hot and cold water. Now I gotta figure how to hook a hose connection to the hot.



northsidefour said...

Toad, we just spent a horrific amount of money on an overnight trip to the ER for Eleanor Roosevelt. Insane amount of money to find that, yet again, the beagle had snarfed up something that caused her digestive track, and our floors and wallets, great pain.

Now to get her to the spa.

Martha said...

The things we do for our pets -- clad that Ted doesn't have to go through the ordeal of a papaya scrub!

David said...

I'm all for pampering the dogs, we have a really great mobile groomer who comes and does the bath and haircut in the grooming van, but the papaya scrub does seem like a bit much. I hope Ted enjoys his spa day!

Gladys said...

Yeah my dogs don't like the papaya scrub but they do enjoy the massage and the mud bath. No they don't go to the spa this usually happens in the shower where they promptly run outside and roll in the dirt. :) Gotta love them they are Dogs.

kathleen said...

Oh, silent mirth was it? Well, well, well. My dog wash is in the planning phase. We talked with a contractor today about the %*$%!! bouncy floors and after a while our conversation turned to the dog wash. The contractor was proud to say that he had just built a dog wash at a client's house and we have been invited to see it. I'll report back. And, when my dog wash is up and running, Ted is invited. Please break it to him gently that we won't have the papaya scrub.

Toad said...

Kathleen: Yet?