Saturday, March 7, 2009

Politically incorrect or just old

You know that old chestnut, white woman waiting for an elevator, finally it opens and there is a large group of young black men inside waiting for her. What's she to do?

Mrs. T and I were in Kansas City for the weekend, taking rooms at our home away from home, Uncle Harry's. So Mrs. T is about to leave me for a bit and at that last minute I decide to join her, just as the elevator arrives, and sure enough the elevator is half full of young black men. All the way down, I'm imagining what if.

As it was, they were a great bunch of guys, and as well as you can we had a very nice trip down, kidding the guys about how well they were turned out. Although I did point out they needed pocket square for their jackets.

So we got down stairs and the men were whisked off pretty quickly by a couple of huge guys waiting for them. Then the screeching started. There was a gaggle of girls in the lobby who though they had seen the second coming.

Thinking they were not yelling for me, I just had to ask, who were they?

Ever hear of 'Mint Condition"? I hadn't either.



Tammy B said...

A coworker was telling me that the same thing happened to her daughter's coworker (from Alabama) at a casino in Mississippi. She went to the casino alone and when she was on her way to her room, the elevator stopped and was full of black men. One had his cap pulled down over his face. When she got on, one of them said "Hit 4." She thought he said, "Hit the floor." and she did. She threw her cup of quarters on the way down. The men politely helped her up and helped her with her quarters, all the while about to die laughing. The next morning, when the lady started to leave her room, there was a dozen red roses with $100 dollar bills wrapped around some of the buds. The card said, "Thanks for giving me the biggest laugh of my laugh, Sincerely, Eddie Murphy". And that my friend, is a true story. (sorry for the long comment, but I have always loved this story)

David said...

So what all did you do while you were in the city?

Toad said...

David: mostly moped around hoping the secretary was complete. Other than that frankly nothing. Dinner as promised at Mr. Bryants (sorry Ollie), and a bit of fleecing Uncle Harry. A quick in and out.

Toad said...

Der Friends: so finally we have discovered the origin of the story. NO ONE, is allowed, or may question Tammy's credibility since she is the source, but how many other versions of this shaggy dog story exist?

Most that I am aware of involve animals, and are variations on the theme. Share your best.

Sartre said...

Somewhat tangential but still on-topic, I think, we went to a dinner party (12 people) where the theme was soul food. The hostess was Korean and not much of a cook. She told us she'd gone into a farmer's market in Philadelphia to get collard greens for the meal; the bins at the market were un-labelled, so she had to ask someone if what was in the bin in front of her was collards. There were only a black lady and a black man, on either side of her. She ventured to ask the lady: "Excuse me, do you know if these are collard greens?" The woman stared back at her and said, "Lady you should know what that is -- that's bok choy!" Moral of the story: Know your vegetables.