Monday, January 12, 2009

Your house

I suppose that most of our homes are design compromises. A little bit yours, a little bit mine and some of ours. It probably depends on age, resources and how long you have been together to settle the mixture.

Some of his pieces set your teeth on edge, but take pride of place. You rid your home of them at the same psychic cost as throwing out his threadbare favorite sweater.

What if, one morning after brunch, he puts the paper down, looks lovingly into your eyes and says, "Darling, I've been wrong. My taste evaporated when I found you. I want to live in the world you create for us. Design our home however you see best, with my full support and nary a word of discouragement or complaint from me".

He is a gentleman, and he keeps his word! Always.

So what do you do? Light the fireplace with his grandmother's sideboard for kindling? Keep in mind you haven't won the lottery.

This was brought about by the lovely Hollister Hovey's blog, and the February House Beautiful view of Mrs. Blandings' and the Hovey's living rooms. I know my bride would quickly get the shakes at Hollisters. I'd just be settling in. We each loved Mrs. B's.

Unfortunately taste cannot be taught, but design certainly can be, and done well comfort and harmony result. For now, neither of us is giving in. That makes it all the more fun.



Mom on the Run said...

I'm lucky that DOTR was and is a blank slate. Now he thinks that my taste is his.

Luckily, I have exquisite taste and now he does, too! ;-}

Mrs. Blandings said...

Thank you for the lovely compliment. Around here Mr. B doesn't care to weigh in on every little thing, but has veto power. He's darn stubborn when it comes to animal prints. And resentful that I nearly never want green.