Thursday, January 22, 2009

We're off

Toads are warm weather creatures. So, in search of warmth we are off to Florida. I promise not to return with stories and pretty pictures about how we had a better time in the warmth than you did in the cold.

Whilst away, I have promoted my dahlink daughter to Empress in Charge. She promised to continue our regular missives, in my absence. I leave you in her capable hands. I shall be incommunicado, and unable to defend you or myself from her barbs.

Be well, I'll miss you, but shall return February 2 or so.


PS. Please do not rob my house while I am away.


Martha said...

Enjoy Florida -- you and Mrs. T have a great time. And for your sake, I hope a cold front lingers over Mayberry so that you can boast when you come back all warm and tanned!


Gladys said...

Your just rubbing it in aren't you? They have called for another foot of snow tonight. :)