Monday, January 5, 2009


She made me work.

"Why don't you start in the dining room", she purred. "Count the silverware, count the glassware." Mostly boring stuff. Putting away the Candlebulbs is the saddest part of all.

Candlebulbs are one of my favorite house decorates. We drag them out for Christmas and one or two other occasions during the year and then tend to forget about them. Let me explain.

Candlebulbs are glass, screw in, candle holders. They live in the chandelier. You remove the light bulbs from your chandelier, and screw the candlebulb into the light bulb sockets. Once inserted, light the candles. While I am not an electrician, I'm told the glass candleholder acts as an insulator should you accidentally hit the light switch while the candlebulbs are in place.

For those who love candle light in dining rooms, nothing is cooler than a candle burning chandelier.

So why don't we use it more often? It's because of the candles. They are becoming difficult to find, and must be made of exotic stuff since they are becoming unreasonably costly, for what they are.

Anyone know any candle crafters? We are a couple of years from needing more.



cats said...

i'm sure you've seen these online.

they sound fantastic! i might need to order them, but they do seem a little decadent.

would it be possible to refill the old ones with new candles? making candles is actually really easy.

Martha said...

I've seen these years ago and forgotten about them. You highly recommend them? Would love to have real candlelight at dinner.

Pauline said...

I have these also and "forget" to get them out. I find that even with six of them in the chandelier, the room is quite dark. I have had to put other lighting and additional candles around the DR to have enough light. It is romantic though, and I have refilled the glass holders--quite easy really, pull out the old candlebits, microwave if you need to but I find they pop out easily, then stand them up in juice glasses, put in the wick (get at craftstore)--you can tie to skewer and lay across tops then pour wax (can use microwave to melt the wax but double boiler is best, but be careful)--pour wax let harden, then trim wick. Can make all of them in the time it would take to go out shopping for them--easy.

Toad said...

Cats: those are the ones. Watch carefuly for the refills out of stock sign. It's pretty common.

Martha: I highly recommend them.

Pauline: thanks, it will come to that. Each candle lasts about 8 hours or about enough for 2 dinner parties. We have about 6 dinners left. So I may soon be in the candle making business.

ms. mindless said...

check out and search candles. you can generally find all sorts of things there. you can also commission items and sellers will submit bids to you. overall, its pretty cool for finding handmade items at a decent price.

Renovation Therapy said...

I bet Gracious Home in NYC has them. I will pop in next time I am near the store to see what they charge.

Joe said...

Thank you so much Pauline for the idea of making my own refills. I haven't used my Candlebulbs in years, but just got through making refills and they look great.

Google led me to this blog. Now I will have to spend some time exploring, as I like the writer's profile. I'm a gay leftie blogger, also 50 something, but somewhat political.

Thanks again.