Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shorttimers Ltd

I am privileged to have met many interesting people through this blog. Its still a shock to me to whenever I am reading a blog and find a link to here. To all of you I thank. I am humbled and grateful for your review. Other times I get email from someone who has a fascinating tale to tell related to a something I have posted. This is about one of the best.

Recently I published a rambling story about my misadventures in the Air Force. The following day I received an email from a Mr. James West, who may or may not be The Wild Wild West. We'll have to find out later.

Mr. West is a disabled vet who enjoyed being short so much, he named his company: Shorttimers Ltd - Home Page

I have purposefully avoided being a shill for the companies I post about, but I make an exception here. Shorttimers deserves our support.


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