Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Waterford/Wedgewood/Royal Dalton?

My first thought when hearing the news that Waterford, Wedgewood and Royal Dalton filed for bankruptcy protection in Ireland was what's this gonna cost me?

Infrequently, I react to bad news in the negative, and this was one of those times.

Apparently, the three companies were purchased by two rich brothers who overpaid and saddled the company with too much debt (sound familiar?). The slow down in the economy slowed worldwide sales and it became impossible to meet the debt service. Now they seek someone richer and smarter to buy them out. In the mean time, the combined company is continuing daily operations. (Much relief)

I was temporarily overcome with the notion that I would immediately have to take in a lifetime supply of glassware for not only my own household, but those of all my descendants, born or planned.

Since I won't have to, at least immediately, I am willing to write the bankruptcy judge extolling the virtues of the petitioners products, especially as vessels for Redbreast Irish Whiskey. In fact I may invite him over to personally observe how magnificently a Waterford goblet refracts the amber liquid and background fireplace. As long as he had come that far, it would be inhospitable of me to not at least offer a wee dram, so he could tell for himself. May change the course of history.



Gladys said...

I have some Waterford that belonged to my Grandmother. I also have a decanter that belonged to my Great Grandmother who was big in the temperance movement. Why they had these decanters is beyond me. My Grandmother being a teetotaler would make up Sweet tea syrup and put it in her decanter. It had a beautiful dark amber glow to it and looked beautiful in the decanter. I prefer what you keep in yours.

OH and TOAD it is all about US! So what super hero were you?

Martha said...

Toad -- a good spirit requires a good glass.


Sartre said...

Great post, Toad, and a good time to say that you have the most consistently entertaining blog out there. I love the way you present information and opinion; very much your own, unique voice.

Anonymous said...

Seems everyone dislikes a nitpicker, but its Doulton.

Lovely stuff. Especially the old whisky jugs.

Great blog. Really enjoy it.