Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A friendly male reminder

Gentlemen may I offer a little advice?
You are NOT what you do at work!!!!!!!! You are a spouse, companion, friend, lover, father, brother......

You and the world deserve better, than for you to think of yourself so narrowly. That just because you do whatever it is that you do, that's who you are is just so wrong. Want confirmation?

Your kids don't have a clue what you do and they still like you.

Gents it's cold outside. Drop her off at the door, she'll wait for you... inside.

(Can you tell I have spent too much time with the recently unemployed lately?)


Mom on the Run said...

My kids used to think that my husband sold toothbrushes and pens because that's the only thing he had at his office besides paper. (He's an employee benefits broker, so the pens were to fill out enrollment forms and the toothbrushes were a freebie for signing up for voluntary dental insurance!)

Then they were sure he was just a baseball coach because he spent about 10 years letting his assistant do all his work while he was a volunteer coach and ballpark board member, travel league coordinator, etc. etc.

You're so right. They have no clue.

Sartre said...

Astute comment about the kids. Spot-on.

Old line I always liked from Cheers (yes, I am quoting a sitcom): If caring for the one you love, caring for your children, if paying attention to your career and home, if these things be dull, then may I be the dullest man who ever lived!

Gladys said...

My husband won't even tell people what he does for a living. They ask and he guides the conversation elsewhere. I had someone ask me if he was CIA or something. Um, no just a simple land developer but as he says that is what he "does" not what he "is".

Renovation Therapy said...

Every time my Fiance offers to drop me at the door I get all smooshy. Love it!