Friday, January 30, 2009

And baby makes 14

As you may have heard, a woman in California gave birth to octuplets earlier this week. Personally, this is something that I couldn’t even begin to imagine. What is even more stunning to me is that the mom already had six young children when she went for fertility treatments resulting in the 8 babies she just gave birth to. According to an article on the Today Show website the mother is “fairly young” and lives with her parents.
I’m sure I’m going to offend someone here so I apologize in advance but I find this whole situation completely irresponsible. The family’s friends and community will undoubtedly help and support them. I’m sure there will be donations like there are with many other large births in the form of donated transportation, diapers, and other necessities but at the end of the day this woman signed up for this. She had a sizeable family and decided she needed more. I guess my question is why would you put forth the effort and costly investment associated with fertility treatments when you clearly already have a healthy, sizeable family. Given the sacrifices and challenges that now face this family, the decision to do this sounds a little bit selfish to me.

Again, my apologies if I have offended anyone. Just hang with me for a few more days. Toad will be back on Monday. :-D


Mom on the Run said...

I totally agree with you. I have four kids and it's unbelievably expensive and frankly, they suck the life out of you. She already had SIX as a single parent and she had in vitro? Just mind boggling.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more. A single mother with six children already does not need to get in vitro and I am surprised any medical professionals would help her. I should not be surprised by the news anymore, but this story is amazing.

By the way, you did a great job filling in!

Rechelle said...

I cannot comprehend a doctor giving a woman with six kids fertility treatments. They should have given her sugar pills instead.

Giuseppe said...

In her defense, now shes famous and evryone wants to help her. Good reason to have aton of kids, right?

The unfortunate thing is how long each of those 14 kids will have to love life as "one of those 14 kids."

Totally selfish.

Pigtown-Design said...

Agree 100% with everyone else. I was shocked to hear that she already had six. Someone (her, the doctor) is totally irresponsible. Shocking.

David said...

Before she was identified I just assumed that it was a couple who'd had trouble conceiving and this was the result of the fertility treatment.

When it was revealed that she was single, with six children already, living with her parents I was totally dumbstruck. I can't come up with a reason why any sane person would do this.

Renovation Therapy said...

I agree. In many European countries it's illegal to implant more than 2 or 3 eggs.

I think the Mother is/was selfish.