Saturday, January 24, 2009

Top Chef I'm Not

Anyone who knows me knows that cooking is not one of my strengths. I am capable of cooking but tend to overlook key ingredients or key instructions in the recipe. Oh… I was supposed to cook the chicken before putting it in the casserole? OOPs… missed that part. It drives my husband crazy but I’m very fortunate that he is a good cook and enjoys doing it most nights.

I begin with this insight into my culinary ability so that you will all understand how funny it was when I received a packet from the Cooking Club of America inviting me to join their club. The intro letter starts off with “Well, it’s no secret among your friends and family that you are an outstanding cook”. Hilarious! If my friends and family think that, it is definitely a well-kept secret. Average cook – Yes. Good cook, it’s rare but on occasion I don’t completely suck but outstanding cook.. in all honesty that is just not me. I undoubtedly ended up on their list because I subscribe to several cooking magazines. I may not be an “outstanding” cook but I certainly enjoy good food and it’s fun to pick out new recipes for my hubby to make. I’m pretty certain that I will not be joining the club but I definitely appreciate the invitation. It’s nice to feel wanted.

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Giuseppe said...

As a Hubby who also does the bulk of the cooking, let me tell you that I'm sure your efforts are delicious and well appreciated.

You're doing fine in Toads absence. keep up the good work.