Tuesday, January 6, 2009

check your TIVO

I hope it not just a local presentation, or another TIVO joke, but according to our TIVO, scheduled on PBS Wednesday evening is a replaying of the classic 1967 airing of Mark Twain Tonight, starring Hal Holbrook.

{In my defense, the PBS website has never heard of Twain, and plans on airing local boy Kevin Kline in Cyrano.}

I clearly remember the first airing. Holbrook was a young man then, but immediately you accepted him as a 70 year old Samuel Clemons. It caused me to read all of Twains books. Take up cigars too if memory serves. My favorite book is Letters From Earth.

If you haven't read it, try it, especially if you have a bit of flexibility in your religion. God knows Twain's did.

If I am wrong, just remember I was thinking about you.


Gladys said...

Oh I love Hal Halbrook but I really liked him as Mark Twain. No TIVO no DVR though and I don't see it on our scheduled PBS

Laurel said...

Thanks for mentioning this, we were just talking about this performance a couple weeks ago. Hope it is on here.