Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shoe Dog

Somehow I have turned into the shoe guy, which I find odd, because I have always liked what I liked and didn't care about the rest. My taste in men's shoes is fairly conventional, although I do prefer suede to calf, and insist that leather shoes be shined.

Over the past week or two these have passed my desk. The first pair may hopefully just be a joke, or filler to someones spring clothing line. I hope they are not serious.

Frighteningly, the second photo is serious. Made by esteemed British shoemaker Grenson they are suede, made available in most pastel colors, and even with the lower exchange rate frightfully expensive. I shudder to think what suit would be most appropriate. Nothing of mine thankfully.

The final photo is from the Timberland Boot coming spring collection. I think I like them.


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Renovation Therapy said...

I'm swooning for the Timberlands...gorgeous!