Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Editorial Rant

So I am wondering.

My generation has seen the death of good manners, respect for our common institutions and our children's self esteem. Its allowed Sodom and Gomorrah pass for esteemed travel destinations, and sluttishness, both male and female to become not only accepted, but lionized in the public entertainments. All this without outrage or shame. I weep for our future.

Like the natives selling Manhattan, we've traded our nations security and well being to Walmart in exchange of toys and trinkets, in an effort to enrich China and save a quarter on a tube of hair gel. Frankly, I don't understand, and probably never will.

So now we are in hot water. Times are tough throughout this country. You know how I know?

I went to the bank yesterday, and the tellers looked like adults at work and not ragamuffins. I couldn't let this pass unnoticed so I asked the boy in charge what was up. He said that as of January 2, and a large infusion of Federal largess, the bank was to be run as a business, and therefore business dress was required of everyone. Alleluia.

I for one am sick of professionals showing up at work looking like they would rather be on a golf course. In fact, Mrs. T and I abruptly left an appointment with an attorney last summer when he showed up in shorts. Didn't seem like a serious person to me, and he was outraged when I told him so.

So now its no longer business as usual. Professions of all sorts are going to jump through hoops to demonstrate their value. I hope more follow our banks' example.

End of rant, my last for a long while. Thank you for your forebearance.



northsidefour said...

Oh Toad, I am horrified by what I see on television, what passes for "work" clothes, funeral clothes, wedding clothes, church goes on and on. My husband is a banker and until the first of the year he wore a suit and tie every day, one of the only people on his train still in the costume. His bank was just eaten up by one of the biggies and now, business casual. He has no idea what to wear, although I will say, business casual is still pretty formal to a stuffy banker. Wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

May I add another gripe to your list?
I realize and appreciate while one travels that comfort factors in but.......where does self respect come into play?
Think about how air travelers, boat travelers, etc USED to dress?
Currently, people watching in airports is a careful and spot on barometer of how segments of society and self respect has taken a dreadful dive.
Oh what a sight when the tastefully put together family/person is in sight (it doesn't take loads of money to do so.)

Toad said...


The Blushing Hostess said...

Right you are, entirely.

Toad said...

years ago, Peter Mayle, of A Yewar in Provence fame wrote a book called Acquired Tastes. In Acquired Tastes he describes checking into the Connaught Hotel in London. I quote.
"Some people may think it chic to look like an escapee from a logging camp, but not me. I like to be at least as well dressed as the bellboy, and so I was quite happy to put on a tie for the first time in months before going down to the bar."

I have long taken this as a suitable standard for travel. Sadly, I am unlikely to ever sleep at the Connaught.

Giuseppe said...

As a member of the slutty, lazy generation, let me say


to all of it.

Gladys said...

I had to testify in a federal case several years ago. I showed up in a business suite complete with panty hose and heels. I was appalled at the attire of the other witnesses and the court employees. The male court reporter actually had on a tee-shirt that said "here come de judge". Yeah I wasn't real impressed.

heavy tweed jacket said...

People seem unable to separate the private from the public; the personal from the professional. You are spot on.