Friday, January 9, 2009


I was dragged off to the movies Friday afternoon.

The usual drill around here is that we take turns selecting movies, but anyone can veto, depending upon who it is. This was not my turn.

For whatever reason, I tend to select the chick flix and my hard headed bride goes for the more serious stuff. Today's choice was Doubt starring Meryl Streep,and a number of actors you have never seen of or heard of before.

Set in a Catholic school in the mid '60's school principal Meryl believes a priest is taking undue advantage with a young boy in the school. I kept waiting for"this kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime", but I was disappointed.

It would probably make a great 3 actor play, but as a movie it's eminently missable.



Sartre said...

"Slumdog Millionaire," baby. No chick flick but definitely includes a romantic element.

Toad said...

One of the trailers shown was for Grand Torino, which was showing on the other side of the wall. From what little I saw I wondered how often Clint was gonna play that role.

Seems like I've seen it before.