Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pre Christmas Cook book search

First, thanks to all who offered their favorite cook book suggestions. I looked at all of them I could find and made decisions based upon a very discriminating criteria which I failed to mention in advance.

Cookbooks are somewhat like good porn, you know the one when you see it. So the book has to grab you visually. That is the problem with most church or Junior League cookbooks. They may have great recipes, but they do not visually grab your attention.

They need to be readable with adult eyes. If I have to search for my readers to cook broccoli, I'm not likely to open that book. Might make good bed time reading, but its not one I'd work with.

With these humble criteria I chose Martha's recommendation and brought home, Patricia Wells' Vegetable Harvest. It seems to have the right mix of things you'd actually do, with things you might enjoy eating.

Also, Vegetables Every Day by Jack Bishop. I do not know Jack from the Beanstalk, but his genre appears to be Italian, and there are a number of Italian influences in his recipes.

Those who know me have been shaking their heads for a while now. I have mentioned in the past that for a fat man I am a choosy eater. I'd almost rather eat feathers than my veggies, but Mrs T claims to want me around for a while, so like it or not I am going to be served ample servings of greens and yellows and reds, and whites.

So my cook book choices are somewhat self serving, if not for me whom?


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