Monday, August 17, 2009

Ralph's Print Models

I was reading through Ralph's 100 pound homage to himself over the weekend trying to find a photo taken from an old ad. Naturally, I couldn't find it, but in the mean time I was struck by an observation. Since I couldn't shake it, I am exorcising it into your heads. You can pass it on to some unsuspecting soul when the mood strikes. It's much like an old song you only know a few lyrics to, and those mostly wrong, but it just won't go away.

Ladies if you will forgive me I am going to be male today.

Every notice the print models in a Lauren ad, especially the earlier Bruce Weber photos?

By all tokens of injustice they are beautiful people. The girls all look like Mrs. L. Tall, willowy, flatish. Most are probably 15 pixalated to look 20. I CLEARLY understand their job is to strike a pose, create a mood, and sell clothing.

But guys have you ever seen one of his models you would throw everything away for, kidnap and whisk away to hike the Appalachian Trail with? Not I. How does he make their eyes so vacant? It robs them of their beauty.

Now the boy models are a completely different case. You get a sense they are real people. In this life I'm not drawn that way, but if I were or was female a lot of the men look wantable.

Am I making this up?



David said...

On the inside door of my high school locker I had taped an oversized glossy postcard picked up in the Polo Department at Macy's.

B&W group shot, 20 or so men and women, dressed, propped and posed to appear taken in Nantucket or somewhere similar. One of the boys was tall, wearing a rugby shirt, blond bangs falling into his face. I still remember him 20+ years later.

In the guy model department Ralph has always chosen well.

preppyplayer said...

Actually one name in your post gave away the reason why the guys are so... um .... hot in the Lauren ads- Bruce Weber.

My son was a former model( he wanted to go on spring break and we wouldn't pay-he signed with Ford!)
His first job was a kid abercrombie ad shot by Bruce Weber. True, Bruce is gay. But his aesthetic regarding men, that don't look gay, is unmatched!