Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear Ms. Browning

Dear Ms. Dominique Browning:

I believe that you truly exist, although I can't prove it.

In this world of instant communications, Google, Twitter, Facebook and other attractions I know you must have people who are paid to report web stories about you. If you do not, Google will automatically search and report to you for free.

Dominique, half tongue in cheek, I wrote several blog entries about where devoted fans could find some of your recent writings. I even swore to read telephone directories if you wrote them. I've heard nothing from you. Not that I expected to.

None the less, EVERY GD day since, half a dozen ardent fans Google you and land on my blogs doorstep. The world is curious. Stop in and say hello. Catch us up on life after House and Garden.

We miss you.



ADG said...

I love her. The Charlie Rose interview makes me weak.

Mrs. Blandings said...

I do adore her, but she wrote a rant on Michael Smith decorating the private quarters of the White House that furrowed my brow. I'll forward it if I can just remember where I saw it. WSJ?

Pigtown-Design said...

there was something in the new york times a few weeks ago... book section. check an aesthetes lament for a brief quote from it.

Toad said...

she has a review in this weeks nyt book review and has a book due in the spring I know