Friday, August 28, 2009

Home - an observation

Glinda was right, there is no place like home.

We spend our lives attempting to find home, running away from where we thought it was. Home, far beyond the place we get our mail, or hang our hat. Home, the northstar of our personal compass. Our world view. Our orientation.

Put a boy in a car, alone for 3 days and god knows what you'll have at the end.

I used it as time to clear my head, get over myself, get back in synch. Time to think about all the things I take wrongfully for granted. Most importantly, I fell in love all over again with the woman I've always adored.

My home is where we are, together.

I'll report on my travels, trials and tribulations tomorrow, but for now rest comfortably knowing that eventually it all worked out. Could of been worse, should have been better.

More importantly I relearned where my home was.



Gail, in northern California said...

You're back. All is right with the world. See you tomorrow morning with my first cup of coffee, Toad.

Saw the movie "Julie and Julia". Both women seemed to understand the importance of telling and showing your mate how much they mean to you. You've done it too with "home is where she is."

Toad said...

It's good to be home. I'll take mine black, please.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Any time you have this sort of reminder without a tragedy to trigger it is an incredible gift.

Dickie said...

Hope alls well. Stay in touch...