Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Local Tailors

I have two words to say about local tailors. Use Them!

Each of has learned the hard way that many of the clothes hanging in our closets look really good on hangers. Unfortunately, they don't always look good on us.

There is a simple reason for that. Off the rack clothing is not meant to fit living humans. We do not come in standard sizes. We're long waisted, short waisted, crooked, have one leg longer than another, etc. etc. etc.

Frankly, I think its a miracle that clothes fit as well as they do, but really how many adults are size models?

Sadly, I know little of fashion, or women's clothing. I've been married to a short woman, and a tall one, and both have complained that they cannot find clothes that fit. It's especially difficult if you have special requirements.

So let a tailor do his/her job. You have already bought the clothes, spend a few dollars more. Have the hem adjusted to fit you, take in a shoulder, let out a waist, refashion a favorite that may be out of style.

At the end of the day you will have a garment that fits you well. You'll look good in it. It will improve your confidence, now that's sexy.

Just sayin'

Finding a good tailor may take a little trial and error. If you don't know one, ask at a fabric store, try Craigslist, ask your favorite retailer. The right one is out there.



ADG said...


I'm headed to the poor house at Warp Speed due to my admiration for the skills of those who transform our ideas into togs. Still waiting to see the coat. You know that it's the inspiration for my next one.


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Funny enough my daughter & I were just having that conversation. I was trying to explain how fit means everything & we talked about how we are all shaped so uniquely. Such great advice Toad!!