Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Pool House

Someone wiser than I would ask, "Toad, pool season has maybe a month to go. Why are you tearing your pool house apart now?"

Incoherently, I would answer, I have a water leak.

Water, water everywhere.

It began as one of those ill timed household projects you allocate 30 minutes to complete. One thing led to another, and now it will take a week and a thousand dollars to finish.

I knew early in the season I had a leak. Naturally, I turned the water off, and blithely decided we could do without the pool house this season. Luckily, its been cool this summer and the changing room wasn't missed.

The pool house was designed poorly. It's in 3 sections. Behind the double doors in the first picture is the mechanical room for all the pool equipment. The rooms are small and inefficiently laid out. Cabinets are MDF and have soaked up 20 years of leaks and humidity. Naturally, its poorly insulated, so when the pool heater is on, the building is uninhabitable. I hope to correct many of the original sins.

Behind the door on the left is the bath and changing room. On the right a small kitchen. I've spent the last couple of days ripping out wet drywall (wetwall?), waterlogged cabinets and musty carpets, and plumbing fixtures.
Today its going to be repairing plumbing problems, hanging insulation and greenboard, and if time allows beginning tile laying. Initially my plan was to complete this mess before I leave Sunday for Colorado. Not gonna happen.

Over the weekend, I'll show you the tile, so we can pick colors.



Kathleen said...

There was carpet in the pool house? Tile will be better. Can't wait to see the choices.

Mrs. Blandings said...

You've focused solely on the negative - I adore the color of the doors. And the term wetwall.

ADG said...

Toad...I'll send LFG to assist.

Shoot us a picture of the repaired road/culvert/pipe etc. Or did I miss that post?


Toad said...

Yes, there was blue indoor/outdoor carpet over the concrete floors. Can you say musty.

The blue doors were a tough sell. I was going through a French phase and somehow they felt appropriate. They have since become a favorite.

David said...

It sounds like a fun project to me, of course I'm not writing the checks either. Looking forward to weighing in on the tile!