Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ellie LaVeer Stager

I knew she had to be there somewhere, but due to sloth, ignorance or some other deadly sin I had yet to locate her. Then buddy Conor of Old Man/ Young Man did the heavy lifting for me.

To quote Captain Duke Forrest, "I think I'm in love".

Is there anything potentially more expensive than the Internet? Daily we are bombarded with pretty and expensive must haves, wanna haves and need to haves. Then along comes Ms. Ellie LaVeer Stager a young woman creating a business making affordable men's bow ties and accessories. All the photos are from her store, and show my next purchases.

I purchased the patch mad bow today, and am having a difficult time getting the striped linen out of my thoughts.

Ellie also makes ribbon belts, hand rolled pocket squares and probably anything else you're creative enough to suggest.

When the mad tie shows up I will talk about its quality, but for now I'll take Conor's word for it.

Can you picture the News Reading husband in one of these?

Happy 6tober,


Dad said...

I know exactly what you mean. Who knew I needed all the stuff I've bought over the internet.
I own 4 or 5 bow ties and have never worn one without my tux, but I want that striped linen.

Conor said...

Thanks for the shout out Toad. I hope you enjoy your bow as much as I do.

Renovation Therapy said...

LOVE the plaid. Excellent choice.

Giuseppe said...

The lady is a real heroine. I'm thinking of sending her all the stained and worn neckties that I won't let Mrs.G. throw out and having her turn them into bows or belts. Excellent.