Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Sartorialist

For those of you interested in Scott Schuman's blog "The Sartorialist", I received a copy of Scott's new book "The Sartorialist' today.

Most of the pictures have not appeared on the blog, and since I don't stalk his work sites most were new to me.

It's about 500 pages of fabulous photographs.

Well done Scott.



ADG said...

Toad...I'll be interested in taking a peek at it....I have a pretty robust sartorial book collection. I did though, sell my Ralph Lauren big ole coffee table book after a few ganders. I fear Scott's book may end up the same for me.

Toad said...

You may be right. At least he format is a bit more useable. It's in large paperback size.

Reminds me of a paperback bible.